Update 11/11/2010

Yesterday Reagan Kate lost her first tooth….

Madison is following her big sister all over the place….They hug all the time. They get excited to see Mommy and Daddy when we come get them from school.  Madison can take a fall and keep on going.  If Madison is not happy with you, she will tell you “stop it…not nice.”  Madison loves to sing and dance.  She sings The Barney Song, and Twinkle Little Star the most.

Reagan was told she is the smartest kid in her class….She did not like to run from house to house during Halloween.  Madison was to scared of the boys, so she stayed in the house with Mommy.  They handed out candy.  Reagan is doing very well in school and wants to be a teacher.

More to come……

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Sea Island

Best Vacation Ever (Sea Island)


Watching TV

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Our First Carnival

Weekly Update 10/1/2010

Reagan and I had Daddy Donut day at her school.  She talked me into buying books at the book fair.

Reagan had a glowing review from her teacher at our parent teacher meeting…The teacher was very impresses with her reading, but most of all her behavior.  She said she displays great empathy, and is always concerned about how the other students are feeling….Good Girl!

Their homework has been Writing words that start with K

Reagan also told me not to say people are slow drivers….It is not nice.

Madison is crazy….She is saying all kinds of things now.   I’m sorry, I’m cute, I’m funny….She calls me mommy.  She laughs all the time.  The newest thing is jumping and landing on her bottom followed by laughing.

Madison also was approached by a dance studio for dancing at the BHES carnival.  They said she really has it….We will see.  She likes to dance, spin, and laugh

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Hey guys, I am making some changes to the site so I am sorry I have not posted in a long time…Almost done.

God has a Plan

This has been a good month. I praise God for my work, my family, and my life. I have nothing without God. Good doesn’t mean it has not been hard. I found Joy and strength in my struggle.


Who Am I – Casting Crowns

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Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia
I have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia to my oldest daughter. It is probably over her head but she seems to like it. I was going to stop and wait till she was older but when I did she asked me about the story. So, I started it again.
I read her a chapter a night and she seems to get excited when we are about to finish a book and move on to the next.
Every so often I wonder if she understands what I just read to her and so I pause to think about it. She always asks a question at the right time letting me know she is listening. Maybe she understands more that I do. She certainly pays more attention to the details than I do.
The best part is that she falls asleep just about the same time each night. As I am reading the last page of a chapter she closes her eyes.
We all have our things and this one is mine.

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Save a life

I did my job today saving someone. My partner and I had to install a sign in a neighborhood this afternoon. In front of us as we were leaving was a school bus letting the kids off. The car behind me was impatient and tried to pass, so I cut them off. Just two you teens not paying attention. I like to think they would thank me if they could.
It was a good day.